My name is Kim-Duyen Nguyen (pronounced Kim-Yen Win). I go by Kim because it is easy to pronoun or Kimi because that is my nickname. I am a graphic designer and illustrator based in Kansas City, Missouri. I enjoy photography as well. In kindergarten I was interested in art class and I always took art classes growing up. It wasn't until high school my art teacher introduced me to graphic design. Junior year of high school my counselor recommended to go for graphic design as a career choice. 

I specialize in print, production, brand identity, digital and illustration. I am always interested in learning new graphic design trends and always strive for improvement.

In my free time I enjoy drawing, cooking, sewing and spending time with my cat named Felix. I love anime, video games and all things cute. I also love CW DC Series and my favorite hero is The Flash.


I am up for freelance work as well. 

For questions or if you just want to talk feel free to contact me!

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